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Aspen, Damien Kyle
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Aspen, Damien Kyle
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Aspen is woken up by a knock at the door. He gets out of bed carefully, so he doesn’t wake up his wife, and as he opens the door, he sees it is Damien Kyle, who is the local handyman. He has come to fix his sink. Aspen shows him to the kitchen, and as he goes to sit down in the living room, his morning glory is sticking out of the bottom of his pants.

Damien gets his phone out and starts photographing Aspens half naked body, and when Aspen asks what he is doing, Damien tells him he is texting a friend. Aspen then tells him that he needs a shower, and as soon as he has got soap in his eyes, Damien takes even more photos of him. This time, he is photographing Aspen’s naked wet and soapy body, his beautiful firm ass, and his eight-and-a-half-inch dick.

Aspen opens his eyes, and after asking him what the fuck is he doing, he tells Damien to sort his cock out for him. Damien is more than happy to get down on his knees and suck on Aspen’s cock. (Be honest here, who wouldn’t?) After sucking his dick, Damien gets naked and joins Aspen under the shower. This turns into a cock sucker’s wet dream as they take turns on sucking each other off.

They are interrupted by Aspen’s wife waking up, and as she realises that she might be late for work, she rushes out of the house without seeing what Aspen is up to and leaves Damien and Aspen to themselves.
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They go into the living room where the cock sucking continues, and then, with Aspen sitting on the couch, Damien stands up and lowers his tight firm ass down onto Aspen’s rock hard dick.
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Aspen fucks Damien Kyle’s ass hard and fast, and when he fucks him in the missionary position, Damien shoots his thick juicy cum as Aspen still ploughs his cock deep into him. Aspen pulls his cock out, and with a deep growl, he sends his hot cum splashing over Damien’s smooth young body.
Handyman Hard-on plays out one of those hot stories that everyone has fancied happening in real life. Imagine a handyman under the sink playing around, you look between his legs and see a large lump there.

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