Drill My Hole with adult movie star Will Braun

Bennett Anthony and Will Braun are two of the most sought after gay porn stars today, and it’s not hard to see why this gay porno site have bought together two exclusive stars for ‘Drill My Hole’ in this second great episode of a fantastic series.

Bennett Anthony is a trendy looking guy with plenty of muscle and great tattoos. He has amazing red hair in contrast to his bright blue eyes. Bennett is versatile with a seven inch cut dick and a wonderful tight asshole. He has starred in twenty eight hardcore flicks for Men.com since September 2014 which includes the ‘Pretty Boy’ series where he plays a high class rent boy.

Who is Will Braun?

Will Braun has that bit next door look which your mother would love you to be with. He is lean and smooth with sparkling blue eyes and short brown hair. He looks innocent but once he gets the smell of dick in his nose, he’s something else entirely.
The Real Houseboys Of West Hollywood Part 2
Will is versatile with a seven inch cut dick and is five feet six inches tall. He has starred in nineteen exclusive xxx movie for Men.com, and in his last one Will went from being a top to being versatile in ‘Top To Bottom: Will Braun’ where Christian Wilde gives Will his very first ass fuck. Watch all his men.com videos here
Will Braun has just moved to L.A. and needs a job. His friend Luke Adams, from episode 1, tells Will that there is a new houseboy job going as he has just left the position, so Will goes to see if he can get the job himself. In the meantime, Bennett Anthony is the gardener of the house and because it’s a hot day he needs to cool off. After finding out that the house is empty, he takes his overalls off and jumps in the outdoor swimming pool.
The Real Houseboys Of West Hollywood Part 2
Will turns up and asks if he is Jay, the man he is looking for, and tells him that he wants to be his new houseboy. Bennett lies as he likes the look of Will and tells him to get a towel and to dry himself off. Will does as he is told straight away and quickly comes back with a huge towel and dabs Bennett’s hard body with it.
Will Braun, Bennett Anthony

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Will notices that Bennett is getting excited with him touching his skin and Bennett tells him that he should help him out with it. Will sinks down to his knees, pulls Bennett’s swimming trunks down and takes his ginger knob into his mouth and starts giving him an awesome blowjob. Bennett loves the feeling of his mouth wrapped around his cock and growls out softly as he strokes on his hard nipple at the same time. Will licks the length of his cock all the up and down and licks his heavy dangling ball sack all over too, before returning to his cock.
Will Braun, Bennett Anthony
Bennett thinks Will is sexy so he gets him to sit down whilst he gets Will’s cock wet using his tongue all over his cock, and taking it to the back of his throat. Bennett is so excited that he wants Will to fuck him.

Bennett gets up and gets on his knees as he bends over the couch. Will puts on a condom and slides his cock deep into his ginger ass without any resistance. The camera zooms in and we see Wills cock ploughing in and out of Bennett’s exclusive ass so deep his balls bang hard against his opening.

Will then lies on the couch with his head on the ground and his dick sticking straight up in the air. Bennett climbs on top and rides his cock as hard as he can for a while before they get on the ground and fuck in the missionary position.

Bennett Anthony can’t stop from grunting and knows he is about to cum. Will Braun just about beats him to it and spurts his thick creamy cum into Bennett’s open mouth.

Bennett only needs to stroke his cock a couple of more times and his then his cum streams out over his body like string.

Will knows that he fucked the gardener but he was so nervous, he would have done anyone, and as yet, he still needs to meet Jay. Bennett is more than happy as he only did half of his work and got laid, he classes it as having a great day.